High School Site Coordinators

Register here to be a high-school site coordinator. If your site is not yet registered, you can do so here. For an in-depth list of activities involved in hosting a site, please see the section titled "Checklist for University and High School Facilitators" in our handbook.

Before the Contest:

  • reserving a room for the contest
  • reading the rules, and getting familiar with the contest
  • checking the time and date of the contest
  • contacting local schools (for university sites only)
  • OR
  • advertising in your school (for high school sites only)
  • advertising in the community
  • (optional) giving a presentation or running an information session
  • creating a local web page with information about the local contest and sending the URL to the NACLO organizing committee
  • learning how to access the roster of students registered for your site (Log into the same interface where you registered).

During the Contest:

  • receiving the contest questions via e-mail
  • making copies for the participants
  • being on e-mail during the contest for clarifications
  • collecting the submissions
  • mailing them to the jury

After the Contest:

  • (optional) keeping in touch with the students